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Speedy Pete's was born from an experience. Upon casually walking into a local bike shop,  owner Doug Long was introduced to his very first E-Bike. Simply put, that ten minute ride was the beginning of Speedy Pete's, E-bike Nation and our first attempt to bring E-Bikes to the retail market in Lincoln, NE.  Owners Doug and Lisa Long were immediately huge fans and  promoters for E-Bikes. Doug could not take the smile off his face. Riding E-Bikes are a blast!  He had to have one.

After researching the internet his own purchase, becoming dizzy at the vast amount of bikes available, the varied pricing and options out there, he reached out to E-Bike only stores located throughout the country trying to determine which brand of bike was the best choice for him,  a reasonable price, high quality and had a support network. The search for his-self was becoming a search for a brand of bikes they could SELL in their QP Ace hardware stores.  QP Ace Hardware sells E-Bikes at all 4 locations in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Speedy Pete's E-Bikes will be opening our E-Bike only shop this year. 

The QP team quickly formed a passionate group, displays were built, graphics designed, promotional items developed, bikes were ordered......a brand was born. We were on our way to becoming Speedy Pete's. We added a key piece by bringing in an experienced E-Bike mechanic. Speedy Pete's and QP Ace promise to deliver a customer first experience as you explore the possibility of an E-Bike.

Come on in to Speedy Pete's located inside QP Ace Hardware and experience the fun for yourself, Whether you are an avid bicyclist, or haven't ridden in years, we have an E-Bike for you! Remember, test rides are free and guaranteed fun. We'll also throw in a bag of popcorn.